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The ultimate media player
Published on December 1, 2005 By liquidguru In Personal Computing
There's a new version of VideoLAN's VLC player.

VLC is a free cross-platform media player.

* It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs
* It is available for almost every OS
* It needs little CPU power

i've been using this for ages, and it plays everything, you can skin it, and it's FREE!!!


it's fantastic if, like me, you have a laptop and travel alot, as it ignores the DVD region code, which means i don't get punished for having family in europe, the states and australia, and can watch the DVDs they send me.

on May 18, 2006
there's a new version out now

Release: VLC media player 0.8.5 (2006-05-066 May 2006) This new Release features many improvements, including MacIntel support, a statistic system, the support of DV inputs on Linux, improvements in the Audio CD playback (CDDB), many new and improved video filters, a new AJAX HTTP interface, Winamp 2 Skins support, a Mozilla plugin on Mac OS X (PowerPC only), a new default skin ...

on May 18, 2006
May favourite player, too. Definitly worth recommending.
Very slim, very stable, and can cope with almost any format you throw at it.

Another small, but for me quite valuable feature:
When you're using two monitors, VLC (DVD-)playback works on both monitors - several other players only work on the primary monitor.

(Means I can play GalCiv2 on one monitor while watching Babylon5 on the other for the nth time. )
on Mar 03, 2008
The truly unique thing I really like is that it adjusts volume independently from the WinXP system. You can lower your mp3's to background music level while keeping the volume of other apps high.

it's skinnable but, sadly, not too much interest out there. Version 0.8.6e now.