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Published on January 19, 2006 By liquidguru In OS Customization
i've just found an incredibly cool bit of development software from microsoft called 'Scalable Fabric' basically it lets you drag your active window to the side of your screen, where it automatically resizes it to a thumbnail, freeing up your workspace..click on it and it restores....

this link is to the info page on experimental microsoft software Link

and this is the link to the direct download page Link

once i downloaded it, i renamed the file to scalable.msi, then installed it..seems to be working fine..i turned off the annoying sounds

as it is experimental i made a system restore point before installing the software

on Jan 19, 2006
Nice find. I like it.
on Jan 20, 2006
Very cool! Thanks for the tip.
on Jan 20, 2006
Hm Hmmmm! I like the idea, it's kinda useful ISH but at the moment it is very very clunky. It doesn't seem to like windows much! An aside - you don't actually need to install it. You can use LessMSIerables to extract the contents of the msi and then just run the executable normally, no install required.

Clunk Clunk! I don't think I'll be using it -- it's just something to waste time with. Cheers for the find anway!
on Jan 20, 2006

yes, clunky and very memory hungry, but fun, none the less...
on Jan 22, 2006
After the few comments made, I'll wait for the tuned up version

But, I will check it out for a minute...

Curiosity killed the cat, and will probably crash the PC.

I changed my mind and I like it. Cool feature. AcidPhosphatase, thanks for the tip on LessMSIerables, that's a sweet utility. Never heard of it before.

The more I play with this, the more I like it. Could use a few more features though. Like being able to change border colors. But I do like all the little windows, soooo cute And the transistions are a bit sluggish. I do find it easier to locate a particular window when I have a bunch open. Much easier than navigating the taskbar. This is gonna be good stuff. IMO.

I almost forgot... TX for the link liquidguru
on Jan 22, 2006
remember, Object Desktop owners/WinFX people.. windows FX is already capable of this. It contains a feature where you can minimize a window, or use a short cut (shift click), to shrink a window into a thumbnail on the screen. The thumbnails can either be dynamic (update while they are sitting there) or static, and you can scale them in size. There is a performance hit on your desktop draw speed the more windows you add, but they minimize and return quickly. Very handy tool.