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Published on November 22, 2007 By liquidguru In TweakVista & 7
I'm a long time OD subscriber. I just downloaded TweakVista, using SDC. When I try to run the prograsm I get a message:-

Stardock's ACTIVATE.EXE could not communicate with the server.

this may be caused by a firewall blocking Internet access, please check your settings and network permissions.

Would you like to activate by email?'

After it failed I turned my firewall off, and the same thing

this is from the error log of TweakVista

Application start: 2007-11-23 3.15.41

Downloading test internet data...

Download: failed HttpSendRequest

Test internet data - failed

Please check the serial number that you have entered and ensure that it is associated with the email you used. Try to activate the product again. If you are using Stardock Central you can right-click on the product and attempt to activate without reinstalling. Please include this log file when contacting support@stardock.com.

So I then tried the activate by email. Got the email back, copied the sig.bin to the TweakVista directory, and nothing worked.

Any ideas?

on Nov 23, 2007
Hi there, liquidguru. I'm sorry you had trouble activating TweakVista. The sig.bin file should work, however you should not put it in the application directory. Instead, please place it in the C:\ProgramData\Stardock\TweakVista directory (create this if it is not present). It goes there so that regular users are also able to activate the product, as they cannot write to the application directory.
on Nov 23, 2007
Thank you GreenReaper.

That worked perfectly.