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i've noticed that the FF extension is the culprit for all the various Smiley problems on the Wincustomize forums, though it is rather confusing. these problems only exist on the wincustomize forums

i have created the following screenshots when using the forums on the wincustomize site to illustrate the problems :-

1. Creating a post with Wincustomize scritps allowed, Stardock.com not allowed

notice no forum smileys

2. Creating a post with both wincustomize.com and stardock.com allowed:-

smileys have appeared, and the create post page is completely different

3. Adding a reply to a post with wincustomize.com allowed, Stardock.com not allowed :-

note no forum smileys, BUT SmileyXtra WILL WORK in the text area

4. Replying to a post with Wincustomize.com and Stardock.com allowed :-

note the different color of the background, the forum smileys are available, BUT smileyxtra DOES NOT WORK

i hope this may help the developers improve the forum functionality for us FF users

on Jul 16, 2006
I do not have the 'NoScript' Extension installed, yet still experience problems with the smiley function button not working, although it is always there. This only occurred after the forum ugrade and the FF update ( shortly thereafter. I'm currently using but the problem persists and I have to use SmileyXtra (4.0.5) to insert smileys.

Also, since the forum upgrade (FF, I cannot create a post. All the tools are present and I'm able to proceed as far as submitting. However, the page returns an error stating I need to select a category (although I had previously), and I'm unable to as the selection box does not allow for this....clicking the category box results in a nothing happening, thus the post is not accepted.

Hopefully someone is able to figure all this out and resolve it soon.
on Jul 17, 2006

Simply put, if you don't allow stardock's websites to communicate with eachother, then the sites will not function properly.

We use several repository servers to store images, scripts and css and most of our websites link to and share data from these various servers.

on Jul 17, 2006
Simply put, if you don't allow stardock's websites to communicate with eachother, then the sites will not function properly.

well unfortunately it's not that simple....if you look at the above examples you will see that when i allow wincustomize and stardock i get the forum smileys but not he smileyxtra smileys....on ALL other site forums, including the stardock forums, smileyxtra works....in fact if add a comment to a skin, smileyxtra works...it is just in the wincustomize forums that it doesn't..
on Jul 17, 2006
Simply put, if you don't allow stardock's websites to communicate with eachother, then the sites will not function properly.

The thing is, Andrew, my settings to allow all Stardock sites have not changed, yet I still can not access various forum funtions, create posts. It seems these issues have only manifested themselves since the upgrade to the WC forum pages and recent updates to FF, like they no longer co-operate with eachother as the once did. Oh well, it's not life threatening, and I have real life issues to focus on, so I'll continue using SmileyXtra and be patient until fixes are found.

On another note (being that I'm unable to create my own post about it)....since the most recent update to FF (, I'm getting an ad window from NSIS Media up in the top left-hand corner of my screen and nothing I do will completely get rid of it. I've tried blocking it with Adblock and my firewall; I've run Spybot, Adaware, a Trojan remover and MS Malicious Sofware Removal Tool, yet it continues to reappear no matter what I do. I've done PC searches for instances of it and they've returned nothing. I've searched manually in the registry, docs & settings and program files and found nothing related to it, yet the pesky varmint keeps returning 20 - 30 seconds after closing it.

Furthermore, it's a minimised window that can't be maximised, only closed, and does not appear when using Opera Nestcape or IE, only when when FF is open. Again it's not life threatening, but it is a pain in the arse as it covers toolbar functions and has to be closed to use various browser tools, so if anyone can help here, it'd be muchly appreciated.
on Jul 17, 2006
yes, thanks starkers for pointing out that all this started when the forums were updated...and it's no biggie for me either, just thought i'd point this out, as a few people have been experiencing problems with FF recently

@starkers : this http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=432846&sid=f54f95708b9e4d73787dd211379ece53 seems to solve your NSIS infection
on Jul 17, 2006
SmileyXtra test: 
on Jul 18, 2006
glad to see the invisable smiley is still working
on Jul 18, 2006
The codebase running forums.wincustomize.com has been frozen, as it's being replaced by the new codebase running forums.stardock.com. While I can't state exactly when the transition will occur for forums.wincustomize.com, I can say that issues with Firefox and Opera have been minimal at the worst and there is no functionality currently limited, disabled, inhibited or otherwise negatively influenced by browser type. (With the exception of Safari, but that's just silly talk
on Jul 19, 2006
Ah, finally found my way back here (head in the clouds with other stuff).

Thanks for the link to the NSIS issue, Liquidguru....resolved and much appreciated.

Also, thanks for the heads up Andrew...had a feeling it might've been a code thing, and with recent updates to FF and IE, Opera too, I guess it hasn't been the easiest time to be re-coding, eh! At least we now know functionailty will be restored to smiley's and etc fairly soon, it's appreciated.